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about us

about us

Bonfante studio

At Bonfante, we are passionate about creating environments that make a lasting impact and inspire connections.


Our team is specialized in Interior Design and Interior Contractor services,

with the aim of fostering relationships between people, places and brands, through innovative and creative designs.


We are specialized in offices, restaurants, retails, hotels and villas renovations. 

Our commitment extends beyond borders, as we actively listen, learn, and share experiences with an international network of clients and professionals.


Every day, we wake up with a burning desire to build something new, projects that tell a compelling story while respecting our clients and enhancing their lives (and ours).

custom made furniture





We have redefined the concepts of interior design, product manufacturing and project management to create unique and evocative spaces which tells your story.

we desing

We Design


We develop concepts; we design and manufacture complete environments.

we manage

We Manage


A single interlocutor dedicated to the coordination of the entire work process.

we design

We Build


Construction works, furniture and finishing works in a single structure.

we develop

We Develop


Development of international

design brands.




Tell us about your idea, we will think about the project.

(224) 386-7282

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